Project Adventure


Project Adventure is a different approach to Physical Education than in previous years. These courses are not like your basic sport-type PE units that most students are used to. This class is broken down into Project Adventure I, which are ice-breakers, initiatives, cooperative games, trust activities, problem solving games, as well as beginning stages of climbing at low levels. Students will also learn how to put on harnesses correctly, safety procedures and climb the rock wall in the auxiliary gym. Project Adventure II takes place for the most part outside across the football field on our high elements ropes course. This is much more challenging and the class must work cooperatively in order to ensure each students safety. There are different activities from wire walks to a climbing wall as well as a zip line which extends for the length of the football field. Each class is a 10 week intensive course. All aspects of the course challenge each student individually as well as collectively to accomplish a task. Students are expected to respect one another's differences and push themselves to their individual best.