Honor Society Information

The South Side High School Science Honor Society was established to encourage and celebrate students who have attained high levels of scholarship, character, leadership, and service. The selection will be made by the Science Department according to the criteria listed below. Students who qualify will be invited to participate in the induction ceremony.

Criteria for Membership
1. First and foremost, membership is based upon Science Scholarship, service, and
personal character.

2. Candidates must have successfully completed a minimum of three years of Regents
High School Science or its equivalent, and must be enrolled in a fourth year of
Science. (IB Science classes, Anatomy/Physiology, Physics, Environmental Science,
are acceptable as fourth year Science classes.)

3. Candidates must have a good attendance record and a good discipline record for their
high school years.

4. Candidates must have obtained a scholastic grade of 90% weighted in each Science class.

5. Candidates must obtain a minimum scholastic average in math of 85% unweighted.

6. Candidates must obtain a minimum scholastic average of 85% unweighted.

7. Candidates must obtain three faculty letters of recommendation, two of which must be
from Science teachers, supporting their application to Science Honor Society.

8. Candidates must have a minimum of 30 hours of Science-related activities or programs. See list for examples on page 2.

9. Candidates must provide six hours of peer tutoring service to fellow students in order
to help others excel in Science.

10. Personal Statement: Attach a short essay indicating your expectations of as well as your possible contributions to the South Side High School Science Honor Society upon induction into the society (250-300 words).

Table I: Eligible Science Related Activities
 Activity  Hours Allotted
 New York Academy of Science Field Trip  6 hours
 Museum of Natural History Lecture  6 hours
 Science Research Competition  4 hours per competition
 School Science Fair  3 hours per year of participation
 Science Lecture   6 hours
 National Science Bowl   12 hours
 Robotics  6 hours

Summer Science Programs and Columbia Science & Honors Program are eligible for hours.