FAQs about Yearbooks

Do I have to make an appointment to be photographed?  YES. go to 

Are yearbooks free for seniors?  NO
Is the yearbook picture free? YES - if you only sit for the yearbook picture. If you want multiple poses, cap & gown pictures or other backgrounds, it costs $25.00 

How much does the yearbook cost? There are different prices depending on when you order. Check the website for specifics.
What should my child wear? The appropriate attire is jacket and tie for boys and dress attire for girls.  


If I don't order one online, can I still buy one YES, send in a check or money order (or cash).
$120. made out to South Side High School
What if my child doesn't own nice clothes  It's NOT mandatory for your child to wear dress attire but keep in mind that only 1 pose is for the yearbook, the others are for you to purchase IF YOU WANT TO. 

My senior has a younger sibling. Can we buy one for them? Yes. I HIGHLY recommend you purchase any additional books online. There may be some extras to sell when they come in but it is not guaranteed.
 Do I have to buy pictures  No

Does the studio have a cap & gown we can borrow?  YES

Does the studio have a jacket for boys and black drape for girls we can borrow?  YES

If we miss the May photo shoot, does that mean my child is not in yearbook?  NO. There are 2 picture re-take days in September. Check the school calendar for specific dates.

Do I need an appointment for the Sept. dates?  YES. Anyone who did NOT sit for a picture in May will receive a postcard from Prestige with instructions to set up an appointment.

Are the re-takes in September free?  YES...as long as you did NOT sit for a picture in May. If you did have your picture taken in May, you will be charged a $25.00 sitting fee.

What if we also miss the 2 picture re-take dates?  You will have to call Prestige to set up and appointment to go to their studio in Farmingdale. (1-800-736-4753 )


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