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International Baccalaureate

International Baccalaureate

“[The IB Program] is a thoughtful and genuinely intellectual curriculum with an unusually high degree of integrity and connectedness. There is no other curriculum anywhere that does a superior job of both educating students and inspiring a true and broad-based love of learning.”
- William Shain, Dean of Admission, Vanderbilt University

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is a comprehensive two-year curriculum taken by South Side students in their Junior and SeniorIB Diploma Programme years. Students may participate as full diploma candidates or course candidates.

Those students who wish to pursue the full diploma are required to follow a course of study in each of the six academic "groups." At least three (and not more than four) are taken at the Higher Level (HL) and the others at the Standard Level (SL). HL courses represent two full years of study; SL courses range in length from a year to two years, depending on the course.

South Side now has 26 IB offerings, allowing students with different interests to pursue the IB Diploma according to their strengths.



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